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NAIAD - Pulley

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NAIAD - Pulley

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A high strength multifunctional pulley for heavy hauling and complex operations. Features a large wheel, a main attachment point that accommodates three carabiners, a large bottom attachment point, and two secondary attachment points on the sides for linking, positioning and attaching progress capture systems. For use with ropes up to 16 mm. Prusik minding, the self-locking knot can be installed on both sides. Self-lubricated bushings are sufficient for light applications at low speed. Efficiency: 90%. Aluminum alloy body and wheel, stainless steel axle.

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Additional Information
Ref. Product name Weight Inner sheave diameter Rope diameter Max Working load Max Breaking load Brass bushing Sheave material CE EAC
g oz mm mm kN LBF kN LBF EN 12278
2158 NAIAD 280 9.9 49 16 3,5 kN x 2 = 7 kN 787 LBF x 2 = 1574 LBF 44 9892 Aluminum alloy