GOBLIN LANYARD - Webbing lanyard

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GOBLIN LANYARD - Webbing lanyard

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GOBLIN LANYARD - Webbing lanyard

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The Goblin Lanyard has been designed to integrate seamlessly with the Goblin by producing the proper distance between the user and the safety line. Available in two lengths: 26 and 40 cm. With the Goblin’s low fall arrest force, a separate energy absorber is not required. By inserting the rope into the Rope Surfer, the fluidity of the Goblin during descent is increased even further. The lanyard is designed to be used with two locking steel oval carabiners and includes rubber keepers to help fix the connectors in place to avoid accidental rotations or cross-loading.


Additional Information
Ref. Product name Weight Breaking load CE CE EAC
g oz kN
2030026F GOBLIN LANYARD 26 cm 45 1.6 22 EN 354 EN 795-B
2030040F GOBLIN LANYARD 40 cm 55 1.9 22 EN 354 EN 795-B