DRUID LANYARD - Adjustable rope lanyard

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DRUID LANYARD - Adjustable rope lanyard

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DRUID LANYARD - Adjustable rope lanyard

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Work positioning lanyard that allows for precise and quick adjustment even while under tension.
Constructed from robust 11 mm static rope with an innovative mechanical adjuster derived from the Druid Pro descender.
The locking cam uses a patented design for smooth action on the rope which prevents rapid wear-and-tear and absorbs energy from small shocks with a slight amount of rope slippage.
Adjustment is simple and intuitive. To reduce length, simply pull the rope through the device. To increase length, use the trigger for limited tension situations or the lever when the lanyard is completely loaded.
Due to the strength of the adjuster, it can be also be used to create adjustable temporary anchor points around a structure.
The body and lever are made of robust hot-forged aluminum alloy. Mechanical parts are made of precision-cast stainless steel.
The rope is removable and replaceable.

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Ref. Product name Weight Rope CE CE
g oz EN 358 EN 795/B
209701 DRUID LANYARD 0.5-2 m + 2125 + 0995 700 24.7