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BLIN KIT 10 M + 0981

  • $163.98

A closed-system fall arrest kit designed to deliver maximum safety and performance. Suitable for both vertical and horizontal/inclined use (also certified for use over sharp edges r≥ 0.5 mm).
The fall arrest device cannot be removed from the rope to help prevent installation errors.
The innovative cam creates smooth action on the rope whether it is being used to ascend or descend the line. Performance on vertical lines can be further increased by using the patented Rope Surfer on the connection lanyards.
Wear and tear on the rope is reduced to the minimum thanks to the specially designed locking mechanism that lowers the force transferred to the body in the event of a fall and locks the rope along a long axis, rather than pinching it aggressively with a toothed cam.
Hot forged stainless steel locking components combine with a robust aluminum alloy body for exceptional durability over time.
Pre-equipped with robust Iridium 10.5 mm semi-static rope with stitched loops on the ends. Available in a variety of lengths.
Replacement rope kits are available.

Available with three connections:

  • steel oval locking carabiner;
  • 26 cm webbing lanyard (total length 42 cm, including the carabiner and the quick link);
  • 40 cm webbing lanyard (total length 56 cm, including the carabiner and the quick link).

Certified for a maximum user weight of 120 kg (for vertical use) or 100 kg (for horizontal/inclined use).


  • EN 353-2
  • CNB/P/11.075 for edges
  • EAC

Additional Information
Ref. Product name Weight Rope Diametre Connectors CE CNB/P/11.075 EAC
g oz mm EN353-2
256501 Blin Kit 1110 39.2 10.5 981