ACCESS SIT - Sit harness

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ACCESS SIT - Sit harness

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ACCESS SIT - Sit harness

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A robust sit harness specifically developed for long periods of suspension.
The waist belt and leg loops are made of ergonomic thermoformed padding to offer broad structural support and are connected by optimally spaced connection straps that give the harness a precise and comfortable fit.
Patented ventral attachment features two loops: the upper loop is for attaching a chest harness and chest ascender and the lower loop holds the ventral D-ring for attaching lanyards and rope tools.
Patented STS automatic buckles on the leg loops.
3 aluminum alloy attachment points: 1 ventral for suspension and 2 side for positioning and restraint.
Designed for use in combination with the GT Chest (ref.216601), with front and back connection points, to make a full body fall arrest harness.
2 sizes.


Additional Information
Ref. Product name Size Weight     CE EAC
g oz B - Waist (cm) C - Legs (cm) EN 358 EN 813
196205 ACCESS SIT S-L 1500 52.9 80-120 50-65   • • 
L-XXL 1570 55.4 90-135 60-75