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ARES - Helmet

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ARES - Helmet

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Our top of the line helmet designed to achieve the optimal blend of comfort, functionality and safety. The robust shell is made of a blend of ABS and polycarbonate and is completely closed to protect against electrical risks and molten metal splash. The energy absorbing internal shell is made of high-density EPS foam. 
The webbing suspension system adapts to the shape of the head for a uniform and comfortable fit.
The vertical position of the polyamide headband is adjustable both in the front and back. Turn dial adjustment is easy to operate with one hand and ensures a secure and precise fit. Adapter kit for small heads is included. The helmet comes standard with sweat-absorbing padding on the suspension system. Water-repellent foam replacement padding is also included in the packaging.
The chin strap can be easily removed when using the helmet for ground operations and the buckle is designed with a safety release to break away between 15 and 25 kg.
Equipped with attachment points for ear protection, visor and headlamp.
No metal is used in the construction in order to prevent problems with corrosion or conductivity.
Available in 6 colors.
One size fits all.
- EN 397 + lateral deformation (LD), electrical insulation (440 V a.c.), very low temperature (-20°C), molten metal splash (MM);
- EN 50365 Class 0, for use in proximity to electrical installations up to 1000 V a.c. or 1500 V d.c.;
- American standard ANSI Z89.1 Type 1 Class C.


Additional Information
 Ref. Product name Sizes Weight CE CE ANSI    EAC
cm g oz Standard Standard  Z89-1   Type 1   Class C
747 ARES 54-62 cm 470 16.6 EN 397 + LD + 440 V a.c.+ -20°C + MM EN 50365 •